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Propane Rates

Just like gasoline prices, propane rates vary throughout the year based on the price charged by the refinery. You can call our office at (800) 840-4774 to get todays prices

WARNING: Don’t be fooled by low advertised propane prices! Some propane companies will quote you a very low price per gallon for your first few months of service. Then, afterwards (and after you’ve signed a year-long contract) charge you a very high price per gallon on propane.

Tank Rental Rates

If you don't want the hassle of purchasing and installing your own propane tank, we rent a variety of tank sizes at very competitive rates (prices below are current, but do not include any taxes or fees that may apply to your area). Also, when you rent a new tank from us, we will deliver and set it for Free!

SizeDimensions *Price Per Year
125 Gallon24" (dia.) x 67" (length)$40/ year
150 Gallon24" (dia.) x 82" (length)$50/ year
200 Galloncall for details$55/ year
250 Gallon28" (dia.) x 96" (length)$60/ year
320 Gallon31" (dia.) x 107" (length)$65/ year
500 Gallon42" (dia.) x 93" (length)$70/ year
1000 Galloncall for details$80/ year
* Approximate dimensions are shown here, exact dimensions may vary by tank manufacturer. We can tell you the precise dimensions over the phone.

Propane Delivery Services

We offer four types of propane delivery service. Delivery requests need to be made 48 hours in advance to guarantee that we can deliver your propane on the next scheduled route.

Regular Delivery

This is the most convenient type of service. We will monitor the propane tank for you. We fill it up when the tank is between 20% - 30% capacity. Over time we learn your usage requirements and schedule your propane delivery accordingly. (This service requires a credit check)

Sign Up For Regular Delivery

Metered Account

Metered accounts work just like PG&E. At the end of each month we come out and read your meter and send you a bill for the amount of gas you used.

Opening a Metered Account requires a $250.00 deposit. This deposit is paid before your account is opened and the gas is turned on. This deposit is required because you will be using the propane before you are billed for it. Your $250.00 deposit will remain on record with your account until the account is closed. The deposit will then be applied to your last month’s balance.

Open a Metered Account

Will Call - Regular

You monitor the tank. When it is around 20% - 30% of capacity, call us 1-2 days in advance of your scheduled route day and request a delivery. You then receive a bill in the mail for the propane. (This service requires a credit check)

Open a Will Call Account

Will Call - Pre-paid

You monitor the tank and call us when it is around 20% - 30% of capacity. We estimate the amount of propane you need according to your tank’s current level. You pay for the estimated amount of propane and we schedule the delivery.

Since the amount you pay is an estimate, you will either receive a credit to your Kemgas account (in case you overpaid) or you will receive a bill in the mail (in case you underpaid).

Open a Pre-paid Will Call Account