Propane Delivery for Northern California

Family Owned & Operated since 1936

Charity & Giving

We believe businesses should give back to the communities that support them. That’s why we’re proud to use a portion of our proceeds to support local charities and humanitarian organizations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We have been customers since 1990 and will continue as we are very impressed with Kemgas. Great customer service and employees.” A.M, Mendocino, “You guys are always so cheery when I call. Thank you.” K.E., Fort Bragg, “I love dealing with your office -- you are so personable!” G.T., The Sea Ranch, “Thanks guys for your great service!” M.B., Point Arena, “We wish to thank your staff for coming to our rescue during the power outage.” L.R., Fort Bragg, “We love you, You're Amazing!” D.K., Fort Bragg, “We are grateful for the individual attention and the courtesy shown us.” L.R., Fort Bragg, “I wanted to personally thank you for the speedy delivery--You Rock!” J.S., Fort Bragg, “We are glad we live in a small town where our needs are met almost magically.” L.R., Fort Bragg, “Kemgas is GREAT and we love doing business with you!” L.T., Willits, “Great Customer Service! Thank you.” J.B., Fort Bragg, “We love our driver, Love our driver!” C.B., Fort Bragg, “Thank you for your fine service. It has always been a nice experience dealing with you and I appreciate the little extra courtesies.” M.B., Gualala, “I saved over $1.20 per gallon by switching to Kemgas. I am a VERY happy customer.” J.T., Willits, “My family has been using propane for over 35 years and we have always received our best prices and service from family owned and serviced companies. Kemgas is one such company. Josh has been our delivery man for several years now and had always delivered on time and at the best per/gallon and delivery price for us in the Southern Nevada County foothill market and believe me when I say we have many to choose from up here. Don’t be fooled by the lower introductory offers made by others as the price differences gets eaten up by setup charges, delivery charges and the otherwise normally higher prices of the competition. Five stars for Kemgas...” S.S., Grass Valley,